What payment options are available?

We currently accept VISA, MasterCard and AmEx cards. If your device supports Apple Pay or Google Pay, you can also check out using those payment services.

Can I order by P.O. / form / invoice?

Because of our administrative capacity, we prefer all orders to go through our sales pages on this website. If you’re unable to place your order this way, we can work with a Purchase Order on a case by case basis. Please get in touch with licensing@ganderyonderpictures.com to discuss your requirements.

We have multiple campuses / are a school district. Can we get a discount?

If you would like to license the film for more than one location, please reach out to licensing@ganderyonderpictures.com for a custom quote. We’re happy to offer you a discounted price.

I can't receive physical shipments at the moment. What now?

If you would like to purchase a Digital Site License including DVD, you can purchase the DSL-only edition for now and inform us when you are ready to receive shipments again. At that time we will send you a link for a $50 DVD supplemental order to complete your purchase.

I need a more detailed invoice / 8W-BEN-E form / other

We are happy to help you with your administrative requirements and can supply you with additional information for your records, like more detailed invoices, IRS 8W-BEN-E forms etc. Ask us at licensing@ganderyonderpictures.com

What is the 1% surcharge on my credit card?

Some banks and credit card companies add a ‘currency conversion fee’ of approx 1% to our transactions. Even though our transactions are in USD, our place of business is registered outside the U.S. in The Netherlands. We have no control over this charge unfortunately.


Where can I find your Terms and Conditions?

You can find our Terms and Conditions here.

Do you need a signed copy of the license?

We do not require you to send in a signed copy of our terms and conditions. But we are happy to countersign the document if you need a signed copy for your records. Send your request to licensing@ganderyonderpictures.com

We require customized terms (ie. State universities)

In case you have a need for custom terms (like governing law in case of State universities), please reach out to us, so we can discuss options. We’re happy to make a custom agreement (in the spirit of our own terms and conditions) that complies with your requirements. Send your request to licensing@ganderyonderpictures.com.


We would like to work with a 3rd party content repository

If you don’t have your own streaming infrastructure to host the Digital Site License, using a 3rd party content repository might be a good alternative. Currently we have an agreement with NJVid. Reach out to us if you would like to gain access to the film through their service or if you would like us to partner with another provider. Send your requests to licensing@ganderyonderpictures.com.

What kind of access control is required?

You agree to make the licensed content available only to authorized users as defined in our Terms and Conditions. In case of the Digital Site License, this means you make use of an access-controlled service (ie. password protection, IP restriction, etc.) that ensures the content can not be accessed publicly.

If you rent the film through our streaming service you are required to put in the IP address of your VPN or Proxy service through which the film will be accessed. Without this address the service can not be activated. The system requires one IP address or the shortest possible IP range (in CIDR format). If you need assistance, please reach out to licensing@ganderyonderpictures.com

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